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5 Tips For Travelling to Scotland

Are you planning a trip to Scotland this year? We've come up with 5 top tips (that are also eco-friendly) to help you get the most out of your Scotland adventure! 1. Slow down and enjoy Scotland at an easy pace   All too often, visitors want to race around Scotland and fit as much into their trip as possible. Scotland looks like a small country on a map, but looks can be deceiving. Scotland’s roads are much more narrow than roads in other countries such as Canada or the United States, so care when driving must be taken.  Many roads in the more remote parts of Scotland, including the Scottish highlands and many of the islands, are gravel and single...

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Established Titles School Charity Day: Local school transform unused area into wildlife sanctuary

On October 6, we held a Conservation Charity Day for a local school in West Lothian to transform an unused area of land into a sanctuary for bees, butterflies and birds! The children from class P5/6 at Mid Calder Primary School had a fun day getting their hands dirty digging holes for their new cherry blossom and bamboo trees, which will provide a focal point for the schoolchildren and community to enjoy. During the Covid19 lockdowns in Scotland, the children were tasked with coming up with ideas for repurposing an empty plot of land for conservation at the school. The winning design was a bug and wildlife garden, as voted by the students. We thought this was a brilliant idea,...

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Established Titles Starts Tree Planting Initiative in An Effort To Offer Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Lordship Packages

Scotland, UK – Established Titles has made international headlines this week as they announce their membership in the Galton Voysey Tree Planting Initiative. Although Established Titles has been around for quite a while, they are now gaining international recognition as they take the step to become completely sustainable and eco-friendly. Established Titles was set up to preserve woodlands in Scotland while making it a unique gift for those looking for something different. KTVN

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