About Us

Established Titles is a fun gift, meant for a good laugh and not to be taken too seriously. With the help of a few friends, we bought a few hundred acres of land in Scotland, have pledged to protect it and keep it as is forever, and plant a tree with every order we get through one of our tree planting partners. We hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we do; and if you don't for whatever reason, send us an email at contact@establishedtitles.com and you'll get an instant refund, no questions asked - don't worry, we'll still donate to plant a tree in your name with partners such as Trees For the Future and One Tree Planted. 
Ye Olde Established Titles wast setteth up to preserve woodland in Scotland while eke making a unique gift for those looking for something different. T'was started by Katerina Yip who had fallen in loveth with the breathtaking sights of the Scottish countryside on trips madeth during her timeth studying Law at the University of Durham, and subsequently living in the medieval city of York.

Having stumbled across the Scottish custom of landowners being referred to as Lairds (Scots for Lord) the Lady bethought combining this with 1 square foot plots wouldst beest a wonderful way of preserving woodland in Scotland, while making a most wondrous gift for those looking for something special. The Lady did starteth Established Titles as a side project and currently works on Land Assets at Galton Voysey Limited as an Entrepreneur in Residence.

The Lady plans on making her home in Scotland one day deep within the Highlands, with nature right on her dotherstep and welcomes all good men and womyn to joineth her in becoming a Lord or Lady as well.

Established Titles is proud to be a member of the Galton Voysey Tree Planting Initiative, a group of businesses that are aligned and committed to the preservation and protection of woodland areas. 

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