Yvette's Guide to Eddleston

We are extremely happy to announce that we are working with Yvette Webster, an award-winning Eddleston local journalist and travel blogger, to come up with a guide to Eddleston. 

“My name is Yvette and I'm a travel writer and adventurer; I run the travel blog Wayfaring Kiwi. I'm originally from New Zealand, but I've been living in Scotland for 5 years with my husband and our dog, Angus. On weekends we love exploring new corners of Scotland together- you'll find us wandering through castle ruins, or down at the local pub with a dram in hand and a story to tell! I've travelled Scotland extensively- more than most Scots, as my husband would say.

In 2018, I was the first solo female to complete a hike called the Scottish National Trail, which runs the length of Scotland. This hike made me fall in love with the Scottish wilderness- and develop a deep desire to protect it at all costs. I'm delighted to partner with Established Titles to bring you this ebook- which is all about one of my favourite regions in Scotland: the Scottish Borders!”

You may read her guide here.

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