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Our conservation plot in Eddleston is just under an hour’s drive south of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and four miles north of Peebles in the Scottish Borders.

The plot is tucked away in the magical Cloich Hills, surrounded by sprawling farmland. Following a shingle track road into the wilderness, you’ll discover a remote paradise where the grass and wildflowers are left to grow unhindered. The area is filled with young native trees, established forests, and several ponds where you can often spot waterbirds. 

There is also a lot of history in this area. To the south is the ancient drover’s road, the Cross Borders Drove Road. This route once provided safe passage for drovers who for hundreds of years drove cattle south to the markets in England. Today, the Cross Borders Drove Road is a popular walking path with locals.

Located nearby is the small village of Eddleston, with a population of just 550 people. It is home to a multi-award-winning country pub, The Horseshoe Inn, which is known for its fresh traditional Scottish cuisine with a creative twist. 

Eddleston is also home to the Barony Castle Hotel, a 16th-century castle built by the Murrays of Blackbarony. Today it operates as a hotel, wedding venue, and spa. 

Things To Do Near Eddleston

The Great Polish Map of Scotland

The Great Polish Map of Scotland is a giant concrete scale model of Scotland, measuring 40m by 50m. It was built by a Polish WWII veteran and his small team of Poles.

The map is located on the Barony Castle grounds, where they were stationed, and was built sometime after WWII. The map was eventually forgotten about and fell into disrepair, however, it was rediscovered and restored to its former glory.

You can visit The Great Polish Map of Scotland for free.

The Royal Burgh of Peebles

Peebles is a town and Royal Burgh located four miles south of Eddleston, and it’s well worth spending a few days here if you are making the trip to see your plot.  

It's an excellent town to base yourself to explore the Scottish Borders; you’ll discover cute cottages with immaculate gardens, pubs bustling with friendly locals, charming cobblestone roads, and a plethora of independent shops.

The River Tweed sweeps alongside the town, providing walkers and picnickers with tranquil views, and the bright rotund hills of the Southern Uplands attract cyclists and hikers looking for a challenging outing.

Located a short drive from Peebles you'll find charming historic houses and castles, cosy country inns, and scenic country roads that are abundant with wildlife.

Traquair House

Traquair House is the oldest inhabited house in Scotland, and it has been in the Stuart family since 1491.

It has been visited by 27 Kings and Queens of Scotland, it was also the house where Mary Queen of Scots spent her final night in Scotland before fleeing to England.

It’s filled with remnants of history, including one of Queen Mary’s shoes and her rosemary beads.

Visiting Your Plot

The easiest way to reach your Eddleston plot is by car. You can also visit your plot using a combination of public transport and hiking. 

Visitations are much encouraged and welcome, and there is no need to book a tour. The land is kept open to public access at all times under Scotland’s “Land Reform Act” (also known as ‘’freedom to roam’’) which grants the public the right of way over certain privately owned land, rivers and lakes for recreational enjoyment. 

Be sure to read and abide by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before visiting.

Directions By Car

From Edinburgh: To reach your plot from Edinburgh, head south on the A701. 

When you reach the Gowkley Moss Roundabout, take the second exit, and short after take the first exit onto the B7026. 

Go straight through the roundabout onto the A6094. 

After 5 miles you will reach Leadburn, where you will turn left onto Peebles Road (A703). 

Follow this road for 4.5 miles until you see a sign indicating to turn right to Shiplaw and Lamancha. 

Turn right and follow the road for 2.2 miles to the Don Coyote Outdoor Centre. Note: This road turns into a single, shingle track road.

The plot is located 200 metres after you pass Outdoor Centre. It is located on a sloped hill, with a pond located at the bottom.

You can find driving instructions on Google Maps here.

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Directions By Bus/Walking

From Edinburgh: Take the X62 to Galashiels. Get off at Shiplaw Rd End, and it's about a 50-minute moderate hike to the plot.

It is not recommended to attempt this walk in poor weather, and be sure to wear proper hiking boots as you may encounter boggy terrain when you reach your plot.

Tips For Visiting Your Plot

  1. As your plot is designed to be left in its natural state, we highly discourage you from leaving anything on your plot. You are welcome to take photographs and a ‘’feetsie’’ if you wish, but please do not leave behind items such as flags, tiny houses or other items.
  2. Be sure to wear hiking boots when visiting your plot. The ground can be uneven with wet boggy patches. Ensure your footwear is waterproof and has a grippy base.
  3. Make sure you read the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before visiting.
  4. Be sure to close any gates you open, and watch out for livestock on neighbouring farms. Do not approach livestock, especially cows during the breeding season. Cows can be aggressive when trying to be protective of their calves! Give all animals a wide berth when passing.
  5. There is a limited phone signal, so please tell someone where you are going before you visit your plot, and what time you will be back.  

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