Established Titles – Eddleston


Eddleston is located about an hour south of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It is a beautiful nature area fill with young native trees. With a slight elevation of 280m to 340m above sea level, it enjoys a nice view of the northern side of the adjoining mature Cloich Forest. Ducks can often be spotted in the ponds nearby.

We highly recommend checking out the historic town of Peebles while you are visiting your plot in Eddleston. 

Visitations are much encouraged and welcome - there is no need to book a tour. The land is kept open to public access at all times under Scotland’s “freedom to roam” customs, which grant the public the right of way over certain privately owned land, rivers and lakes for recreational enjoyment. 

You can find our land in Eddleston on Google Maps here.



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