Established Titles – Ardallie, Aberdeenshire


Ardallie is a small hamlet in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland. When visiting the area, the first things you notice are the gently rolling pastoral fields, quaint farms, and pockets of idyllic forest – it’s a window into Scotland of the past. 

The nearby area offers plenty of opportunities to explore historically important locations, a range of beautiful scenery, and even embark on your own wee adventure. From the magnificent stately home of the Gordons and the castle that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to an ancient stone circle and a beach with over 400 playful seals.

Visitations are much encouraged and welcome - there is no need to book a tour. The land is kept open to public access at all times under Scotland’s “freedom to roam” customs, which grant the public the right of way over certain privately owned land, rivers and lakes for recreational enjoyment. 

You can find our land in Ardallie, Aberdeenshire on Google Maps here.

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