Established Titles – Dunfermline


The ancient capital of Scotland, Dunfermline, a large town in Fife, is at the heart of Scottish history. Its intriguing past, vibrant creative scene, and stunning coastlines offer you the chance to broaden your mind, immerse yourself in the unique heritage and enjoy breath-taking scenery. The burial place of some of Scotland’s greatest medieval monarchs, the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous philanthropists, Andrew Carnegie, and a creative hub that has inspired many musicians, poets and performers, Dunfermline is full of fascinating stories, waiting to be explored. Situated only a short journey from Edinburgh and a gateway to the rest of Fife, it features some of Scotland’s most extraordinary historical sites, including Dunfermline Abbey – the final resting place of King Robert the Bruce.

Visitations are much encouraged and welcome - there is no need to book a tour. The land is kept open to public access at all times under Scotland’s “freedom to roam” customs, which grant the public the right of way over certain privately owned land, rivers and lakes for recreational enjoyment. 

You can find our land in Dunfermline on Google Maps here.

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