Monthly Tree Planting Pledge

Subscribe to our Monthly Tree Planting Pledge for $8 per month to plant at least one extra tree per month. (So far our partners depending on the project can plant trees at costs up to $8 per tree, but if it's a more efficient project additional trees will be planted so that 100% of your payment goes to these 3rd party charities). 

100% of your subscription amount will be used to donate to plant more trees in Scotland as well as around the world – this might be one tree or dozens of trees per each monthly payment depending on the partner, but the subscription amount is always donated in full to our partners to plant trees where needed.

We do not deduct any amount from this for ourselves. We pay for all payment processing and administrative fees associated.

Thank you for helping reforest our world!

Update: Thank you for all your support so far, we have decided to put our Monthly Tree Planting Pledge subscription on hold as of May 2023. 

Established Titles will continue to plant at least one tree for every order.

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